Ramadan and Studies: 10 Tips for Hardworking Students

Here are 10 tips for managing your studies and worship in Ramadan.

1. Define your study goals
Everybody is studying for a different reason. You need to understand first and foremost what your own study goals are. Don’t just follow the crowd. People have specific goals to suit their own lifestyle and definition of success.

With that in mind, are you:

Seeking success for both worlds?
Aiming to earn a halal means of livelihood/ create a halal business?
Striving for a career opportunity in a field that is important to the ummah?
Knowing your study goals will help you to purify your intention, even as you face your studies with the aim of gaining Allah’s pleasure.

Action point: Make sure you define your study goals, verbalize and write them out; and place where you can see always.

2. Select your activities carefully
”There is more to life than studies”, you may think. And that’s quite true.

You don’t have to cut off family and community just because of studies. Rather, your spiritual, study, social and personal goals can all intersect with the right intention.

Make sure you invest your time and energy into activities that will complement your learning and not distract you. Remember you have only 24 hours in a day. Just because something is trending, it doesn’t make it OK to spend your time on it. Feel free to drop off all activities that add no value to your life. There’s no excuse to be bored with Ramadan and studies happening.

Action point: Plan your important activities around your 5 daily prayer times.

3. Get some rest and sleep
All work and no rest will get you nowhere. No matter the pressure you feel to catch up or study all day and all night, do not try to ‘cheat nature’ as its popularly said. It will catch up with you ultimately.

Your system needs time to get repaired and rejuvenated. Also, remember your body is an amanah to be cared for and nurtured properly. Take time out to nap during the day and sleep at night.

Action point: Schedule your daily rest time.

4. Cut off excessive social media/ screen time
The time is just right to reduce your use of technology.

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