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Address: 5585 McAdam Road, Mississauga, Ontario CANADA

Phone: 905-566-8533

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Does the TCC building exist or are you fundraising to build it?

We have purchased a building that already existed as an office building. We are fundraising to cover costs for the building. Our future fundraising phases will be for construction projects within the building that includes, gymnasium, pool, cafe, Islamic library, masjid, coworking space, event hall, janazah facility and much more.

How is the TCC different from other masjids in the area?

TCC is a community centre and we aim to provide a “third space” for GTA Muslims to bring their families to spend time and “hang out”. We will absolutely have an inspiring masjid in our centre, but our main focus is to provide other amenities for our community to enjoy together as a family while upholding Islamic principles.

We picture a family coming to the center and starting off their visit by praying together, then having everyone participate in individual activities that spark their interest, and then coming again for a snack in the cafe or for their next prayers.

Will the swimming pool be for women only?

The swimming pool will be for the entire community. Our priority is to ensure that the pool is accessible for those of all ability levels, and easily (and often!) made into a private experience for female swimmers.

You mention an event space as one part of the centre. Can you elaborate?

The event space will be a facility that local businesses can rent for their events and marketplaces, and it will also serve as a blank canvas for community weddings and celebrations. We know how hard it is to find space for events in the community that are both inspiring and accessible, so we aim to do that.

What’s the best way I can help make this community centre a reality?

The best way to help make the TCC a reality is by making a donation using the green button on the top right of this webpage. The second best way is by getting involved with the team and volunteering your time and skills. If you are interested in helping out, email with details on how you want to help.

I’m a business owner or professional who would like to make a sizeable donation to this project? Whom do I contact for more information?

Thank you for keeping us in mind for your donation. Please contact with your interest and we will send over our information package including how to have facilities and rooms named after you or your business.

What fundraising events do you have coming up?

Visit our events page for a full list of our upcoming fundraising events.