About Us

Tawheed Community Centre (TCC) is a non-profit community organization where people of all faiths, races and economic backgrounds can play, learn and grow. This inclusive space will serve families of the GTA with amenities including an indoor swimming pool, basketball court, gym, library, and more.

Our goal is to build a centre that nourishes a healthy mind, body and soul through activities, experiences and fun. This centre is based on the principles of Islamic dawah, enriching the lives of those in the community at large.

Our mission has been to serve the Greater Toronto Area Muslim community and call people to Islam. To deliver the best of education to Muslim youth and prepare them for a better future in Canada. To offer the best programs and services possible and strengthen the Muslim community. To contribute to Canadian society through positive engagement and Contributions.

The new TCC will offer a complete range of recreational, educational, and arts and cultural programs for the GTA Muslim community. It will be the first of its kind in Mississauga and will be a place to grow our future leaders, cultivate lifelong friendships and offer a place for families to grow, connect and belong.

Our Core Values

The core values of the Tawheed Community Centre are to embody the Sunnah of the Prophet (S)through our three pronged strategy of focusing on playing, learning, and growing as a community. We aim to serve all of humanity, no matter their background or level of ability, and nurture and strengthen our youth.

  • PLAY: To nourish a healthy body through activities, experience and fun. A welcoming, inclusive space for everyone.
  • LEARN: To nourish a healthy mind through Islamic knowledge, academic excellence and character development.
  • GROW: To nourish a healthy soul, build a stronger community and serve humanity.

Our 5 Year Plan

  • 2019 Safa & Marwa High School moves into the Tawheed Community Centre facility
  • 2020 – 2027 Minor renovations to generate self-sustaining income while raising funds to complete purchase and fund future community centre renovations
  • 2027 Construction begins on the Tawheed Community Centre
  • 2030 The Tawheed Community Centre project is completed

Our Building

The building we have purchased to house the Tawheed Community Centre is located at 5585 McAdam Road in Mississauga. It is over 50,000 square feet and on 2.85 acres of land. Our vision is for the building to become a Canadian cultural landmark and a source of pride for the Muslim community.

Our History

The Tawheed community centre was started in 2018.

Our Mission

The mission of the Tawheed Community Centre is to put Islamic values into action through the service of all Canadians, especially the Greater Toronto Area Muslims.

Our Vision

The vision of the center is to be the gold standard of Muslim community centres around the world.